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Mills Auditorium Seismic Rehab

In February 2012, Klamath Falls City Schools selected Diversified Contractors, Inc. as the CM/GC for the Mills Auditorium Seismic Rehabilitation project. DCI immediately went to work for budgeting the project based on preliminary drawings. Our initial budget was $400,000 over the target. After meeting with the design team and discussing methods and options, we made the decision to completely change the roof structure and also change the type of wall reinforcement. Initially, the design team wanted to reinforce the existing roof structure, we told them it would be much more cost effective to replace the roof completely. The wall reinforcement that was originally specified was poured concrete columns located at each pilaster inside the building; we changed these columns to steel columns, which allowed for cost savings that got us within budget. In summary, the School District received a new roof, complete, which was more than they originally expected and the project stayed within budget. DCI self-performed the following work: excavation, demolition, concrete, structural steel, wood framing, drywall, and paint. 


Klamath Falls City Schools

Completion Date

November 1, 2013

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