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Klamath County Fire District No. 1, Station No. 3

After DCI was selected as CMGC for Station #3, we immediately went to work with the Owner and Design Team to establish the budget. We received an early work amendment to enable us to start demolition of the existing Fire Station early, as the schedule was tight and we wanted to get the main structure up and enclosed before the winter weather started. DCI self-performed the work and we also have more control with scheduling when we self-perform the work.

Station #3 contained many specialized systems such as: lighting control, equipment monitoring, vehicle exhaust, audible and visual notification systems, and radio systems. Specialized construction fire stations are essential facilities, which means they are built stronger to ensure they will still be functional after an earthquake.


Klamath County

Completion Date

February 1, 2013

Square Footage


Contract Type


Project Gallery

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